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Critical Thinking – not Critical Theory!


Eanes Kids First! is a 501(c)(4) non-profit dedicated to establishing our children as the first priority of the Eanes Independent School District. We are parents, family, and community members who have seen Eanes ISD de-prioritize the best interests of students in order to promote outside agendas that divide our students, sabotage the parent-child bond, and create chaos in the educational system. It is time to put KIDS first!

In 2020, we fought for in-school learning for those who chose that option, and we also raised funds in order to provide PPE to teachers. Now, we are focused on getting Critical Race Theory out of our schools and holding our district accountable for treating every family, every teacher – every child – with respect.

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It’s Not Right vs. Left

Let’s be clear. What we are experiencing isn’t a left vs. right issue or a liberal vs. conservative battle. Classical Liberals and Conservatives have lots of common ground. In fact, you could say the two philosophies complement each other well. They provide natural balance and friction for fueling the positive evolution of our political landscape. Unfortunately, what we are seeing now has nothing to do with liberal philosophies and everything to do with moving the needle rapidly to the Marxism-Communism spectrum. Sounds crazy, right? Yet, it’s happening right in front of us.

True progressive liberals seek to advocate for people to live among each other with peace and respect and equality of opportunity. Anti-liberals push a discriminatory and bigoted agenda to force equality of outcome. Unfortunately, it’s the latter that has infiltrated our district. By promoting post-Marxism and Critical theory in our schools, they are pitting child against child and parent against parent. We have seen the bitter results: smear accounts, cancel culture, profane outbursts against parents, tyrannical detainment of peaceful parents holding signs, outright slander against religious people who are a protected class, and blatantly illegal behaviors and materials in the schools. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Everyone has freedom of opinion, and there are always shades of agreement and disagreement – but those saying they want unity in our schools while simultaneously pushing the above divisive behaviors are either deceived or insincere. To those who have been deceived and now have doubts, we open our arms to a discussion. It’s imperative more of us start waking up to what’s actually happening and stop letting people shame or intimidate us. We must project our voices for these cherished principles and fight for the right to those principles for our children.

Our children deserve a district that values and unites them, rather than bullies and divides them. It’s time to stand up for our kids.