Dive into these resources to understand the deeper agenda behind what's happening in our schools and learn why it's more important than ever to promote unity rather than division.

Children are naturally caring and loving. Forced indoctrination is what sows the seeds of division.

Let’s keep the indoctrination out of our schools, and let our kids be kids!

Critical Race Theory

How Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) programs are harming our kids and dividing our community

“We have witnessed discrimination, hate, divisiveness, vindictiveness, impropriety, reprisal, retribution, vengeance, shaming, and mocking … all for simply sharing a different perspective.”

– Concerned Parent

Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine

After watching 100 hours of leaked video, we now fully grasp the danger of this ideology in schools.

Eanes Lawsuit

Eanes Parent sues district over secret hiring of DEI consultant

Eanes Lawsuit

Eanes Parent sues district over secret hiring of DEI consultant

Eanes Policy: “Developing Racial Awareness”

Racial awareness as an initial step to equity 

Critical Race Theory

The intellectual history of critical race theory, how it’s devouring America’s public institutions, and what you can do to fight back.

Fixated on Race

What’s the endgame?

DEI Discussion with Civil Rights Veteran Bob Woodson

“We don’t want to address bigotry by practicing bigotry.”

Equity Is Used to Smuggle in Woke Ideology

Governor DeSantis unveils the Stop W.O.K.E. Act.

What do we Mean by Critical Social Justice

What is Critical Social Justice and How Does it Differ from Liberalism?

Cynical Theories

Have you heard that language is violence and that science is sexist? Or been told … there is no such thing as biological sex, or that only white people can be racist?

Texas HB 3979

“a strong move to abolish critical race theory in Texas, but more must be done” – Governor Greg Abbott

2021-2022 Eanes ISD Improvement Plan

Equity leadership training, equity-focused restorative justice, and equity teams

There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math

“I naively believed that STEM would be spared from the ideological takeover. I was wrong,” says Princeton professor.


A collection of articles demonstrating how “equity” and race are being used to divide students.

Parental Rights

How parental rights and the parent-child bond are being degraded by the Eanes Independent School District and others — and ways you can fight it. 

“Parents have been asking, for quite some time, that the Board of Trustees commit to a fresh start to bring the community back together. But the sober reality is that our school board trustees have made no effort.”

– Concerned Parent

Readings of “Disturbing” Eanes Books Had to Be “Heavily Edited” to Air on News

Spectrum News 1 Austin covered a “tense” Eanes Independent School District Board meeting addressing books in the district that some parents describe as pornographic.

Does Graphic Incest Cross the Line to Child Pornography in Eanes ISD Book?

Eanes Book depicting a father raping his daughter: ‘You LIKE it! You jus’ like your mama – you die for it!’ He pull his d*ck out, the white cum stuff pour out my hole wet up the sheets.”

Controversial Books in Eanes

Over 300 books in Eanes libraries were found to have sexual grooming, propaganda, and/or crimes against children material

Texas State Board of Education

View upcoming agendas and contact representatives with feedback.

State School Boards Respond to NSBA

Dozens of states object and/or withdraw from organization

Should Middle Schoolers Read about Smelling Like Sex?

Book in Eanes Middle Schools: “I know you’re a slut, you smell like cum.”

Eanes: Challenging Instructional Resources

Parental rights and policy to formally challenge Eanes instructional resources, such as books

School Board President Slams Parents Protesting Pornographic Books

Pornographic material in the hands of children

TN School Board Mutes Parents Reading Graphic Material

A school board muted audio of parents reading from sexually graphic books found in local middle and high school libraries

Westlake High book “earns its adult label with a shimmering erotic romance”

Westlake High book: “… because your pretty little c*nt is the only thing I think about.”

Parents Are Taking the Wheel

Mask and school-opening fights were just the beginning – now parents everywhere are taking the wheel.

NSBA Calls Concerned Parents Domestic Terrorists

National School Boards Association says concerned parents “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism


How the Eanes Independent School District is failing to fulfill its duty of transparency for stakeholders

“School boards have the power to correct course, set the record straight, and put us back on a path of peace and unity. Lacking those actions, we are left with only a few options. These include political and legal steps to address unethical or illegal behavior, abuse of power, or harmful policies.”

– Concerned Parent

Eanes Board Making Dissent Harder

Proposed changes include requiring more members to sponsor agenda items and restricting members’ speech about ethics concerns

Webinar Morphs into Big Bucks for Woke Virtue Signaling

Registered Lobbyist on Eanes Board

A registered lobbyist promotes issues to the Eanes Board while serving on it. View Conflict of Interest Disclosures.

2021-22 District Improvement Plan

Eanes Instructional Priority: “Develop a system of equity-focused restorative justice” (while denying it’s teaching CRT)

No-Bid Contract for “Equity” Consultant

While claiming a $4 million budget deficit, Eanes contracted a DEI and Equity consultant for $170K, including $5,500 for a “keynote speech”

Eanes ISD Gives the Runaround on Open Records Requests

An example of the types of responses parents have received when making Open Records requests


Put kids first + bring unity to our community.