From an opinion piece by Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi in The Wall Street Journal:

After watching 100 hours of leaked video, we now fully grasp the danger of this ideology in schools.

“Last spring we exposed how two elite independent schools in New York had become corrupted by a divisive obsession with race, helping start the national movement against critical race theory. Schools apply this theory under the guise of diversity, equity and inclusion programming. Until now, however, neither of us fully grasped the dangers of this ideology or the true motives of its practitioners. The goal of DEI isn’t only to teach students about slavery or encourage courageous conversations about race, it is to transform schools totally and reshape society radically.”

The article cites workshops that promote themes such as, “Perfectionism, punctuality, urgency, niceness, worship of the written word, progress, objectivity, rigor, individualism, capitalism and liberalism are some of the characteristics of white-supremacy culture in need of elimination.”

The authors go on to say rather than “critical thinking, fostering intellectual curiosity, and rewarding independent thought(,) their new mission is to train a vanguard of activists to lead the charge in tearing down the foundations of society, reminiscent of Maoist China’s Red Guards.”

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