“Do I make you wet?”

“Suck me off.”

Calling a young girl a “b*tch in heat.”

“I know you’re a slut, you smell like cum.”

These are a few lines from Eleanor & Park, a book available not just at Westlake High School but also at Hill Country Middle School and West Ridge Middle School. Additionally, the book includes mature themes such as pornography, physical abuse, peer-to-peer bigotry, racism, fetishization, cross-dressing & questioning sexuality, drug use (marijuana as well as beer and cigarettes), drunk driving, and profanity.

The book contains a total of 272 mature and/or sensitive words. Here are some of the words and the number of times they appear:

f*ck 62

d*ck 2

p*ssy 3

a*s 10

b*tch 10

b*stard 4

sex 8

screw 1

pregnant 7

whore 1

fag 1

gay 2

rape 2

drunk 4

beer 11

slut 4

pissed 5

shit 9

Playboy 1 (the magazine)

‘666’ 1 (in reference to hell / devil)

demon 8 (demonic)

damn 17

Jesus 24 (in vain, Jesus-fuck, Jesus F. Christ, Jesus-fuck-sit-down)

God 75 (in vain, oh my God, Goddamn, God damn it)

Here’s a video of a parent reading an excerpt of the book at the March 29, 2022 Eanes ISD School Board meeting.