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Eanes Kids First! came into fruition as a grassroots effort to get our kids back into classrooms when the District was content to isolate them and prevent them from having the learning and social experiences that are crucial to their development. Through that initial goal, we successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars to provide PPE to our schools to help resume in-person learning.

While we were gaining organization and purpose, we noticed the Board and superintendent were sneaking in changes through emergency powers and under cover of the general confusion of that time. It’s those divisive policies and decisions we fight today as we move forward as a group of parents, family members, staff, and more committed to holding the district accountable and to putting KIDS FIRST.

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• We purchased Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Eanes schools so students could get back to in-person learning.

• We paid the legal bills for the family wrongly accused in the fake “mask assault.”

• We paid the legal bills for the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the forced masking policy that violated state law and bullied our kids.


A family has stepped forward to hold the Eanes school board accountable for breaking the law, at the direction of a small group, by hiring a New York radical CRT expert to guide the ruining of our schools. Eanes Kids First will stand with this family, and we will raise the funds necessary for this lawsuit. It will not be quick, easy, or cheap, but many hands make light work!

we are stronger together

It’s Not Right vs. Left.

Liberal or Conservative.

Religious or Secular.

When it comes to our kids, it’s Right vs. Wrong!

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