“Inclusion means literally being not excluded,” said Cynical Theories author Dr. James Lindsay, as a featured speaker for Eanes Kids First, a non-profit devoted to students in the Eanes Independent School District in Westlake Hills, Texas.

However, with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, “What inclusion becomes is a justification for censorship because no idea that could possibly offend somebody in a protected class … nobody in a protected class should ever feel offended whatsoever or made to feel that they aren’t fully included in everything that’s going on. If we add in the word belonging, that means we have to also positively affirm whatever identity category and whatever work they produce so they feel like they belong in the space by proactive measures.”

He said, “What you see then is this is a justification for censorship. It’s also a justification for compelled speech. And it’s also a justification because the mere presence of a white person or a man might make a black person or a woman feel whiteness or patriarchy. And so it’s also a justification for purges – anyone who goes against diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives is doing harm or causing trauma to the people who believe in them and therefore, has to be excluded and maybe even attacked.”

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