Only three years ago, most parents in America were cheering on their children during a busy day-to-day life of school, activities, and friends. We nurtured our children’s talents and celebrated their successes. We helped them overcome shortfalls and, after losses, we encouraged them to try again another day. We were raising our children to believe life is what we make of it, that their choices and efforts would help them create the life they want. While we were busy being the best parents we could, we didn’t have the time or inclination to notice the operators infiltrating our school districts, boards, and administrations. And when Covid-darkness hit, these infiltrators finally had their moment.

And in that moment, everything we know about schools changed. No more smiling faces, hugs from teachers, a loving ear when a child needed a confidant. It was Zoom gloom, masking and isolating, and claims of racism if a parent dared to speak out against any of it.

“Diversity” they cried, while telling us to sit down, be quiet, and let them, total strangers, take charge of our children’s value system. Nothing was about the best interests of our children anymore, and everything was about a larger agenda, their political agenda, that morphed our once revered institutions into propaganda bubble machines, with talking points and narratives bouncing around so rapidly we couldn’t help but feel disoriented.

In the last two years, schools frightened our children, isolated them, forced them to hide their faces, exposed them to sex- and gender-bending materials, and taught them there is no characteristic in life more important than the color of their skin. Our school institutions at the highest levels were comprised of what we most fear our children will encounter: individuals who groom them for their twisted purposes.

We are not going to let that happen anymore.

This week, several members of the San Francisco School Board were recalled in an unprecedented election victory for parents. This election falls just after parents rose up and united across party lines to elect a new Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General in Virginia. 

As parents, we’ve all had moments we feel off-kilter, unsure of what our next action or word of advice should be. But what I can unequivocally state is that when someone harms our kids, there is no question we will stand firmly on the ground and roar.

It is our duty to support and encourage the goodness that is naturally in all children, not poison it with the fruits of rot-filled philosophies. Hear us loud and clear: Our children are better at color-blindness and acceptance and love than the infiltrators and propagandists ever will be. And while our children need us now, we know that, in the end, they will create a much better future than what these individuals had planned.

Woke culture is not awake, America – but we parents are awake, and the time of confusing and abusing our children is over. Parents across this country are standing up and speaking out and demanding accountability and change.

Our children, all children, have every right to be treated fairly and rewarded on their own merits. Our children have every right to think independently and express themselves freely, without justified fear of recriminations. Our children have every right to grow into who they are meant to be without sexual or dysmorphic programming. Our children have every right to be taught with a goal of academic, extracurricular, and social success. And our children have every right to do this in an environment that is free from contrived race segregation.

Parents, your voice may feel small, but it is mighty. This may be the first time you consider attending a school board meeting, making a Freedom of Information Act request, or even running for a school board or volunteer position. But it’s time to take a stand wherever you are, however you can. We already hear the rumblings of collective roar across this nation.

We are the ones who can and will break this perceived myth of division. We are the ones who can and will replace it with unity. Let’s teach our children to be their best boldly and bravely and to appreciate what each of us brings on this incredible journey. And let’s let those who misused our children know – their moment is over.