In this awesome video, a parent speaking in North Carolina says the mask and school-opening fights were just the beginning – and now parents everywhere are taking the wheel.

He’s right. From opening schools to mask-optional to vaccine-optional to the content forced on our kids – we are done with the violation of the parent-child relationship.

We will not tolerate racist CRT (and we see you hiding behind frilly language like social-emotional learning and DEI.)

Now we have to add another fight to our list. Schools promoting abuse of our children through books. Read this list of books compiled from Eanes Independent School District libraries. As an example, look at Brave Face: A Memoir. Or Another Day. What are these books teaching our kids?

Suicide, depression, drug use, child sexual abuse – all of these are increasing at alarming levels. And what is Eanes doing? Supplying content to our kids that PROMOTES these things. “Follow the science,” they like to say. Well, the science says when these things are normalized, they happen more often.

Take a few minutes and examine these books. Here’s a litmus test: find the most graphic excerpt and put your children, parents, and faith leader in the room. Would be good to include your pediatrician, too. Read it out loud and ask if that content promotes safe, smart decisions for your child. Better yet, does it make your child more college/career ready?

Ask yourself what is going on in Eanes (or your district) and then fix it. Don’t be lazy. Dig in and “do the work”.

If parents choose these books for their child, they can buy them and put them in their home. But these books have no business in a school library. They must go. The librarians who chose them must go. The education unions who suggested them must go. My guess is not many parents, and maybe even none of the librarians, have bothered to know what content is in our school libraries. It’s time to know now and take action to protect our kids.