At the March 29, 2022 Eanes Independent School District Board meeting, parents voiced concerns about age-inappropriate sexual books in Eanes ISD schools. One of the books addressed was A Court of Silver Flames. This book contains numerous graphic and sexually explicit scenes that portray penetration, oral and vaginal intercourse, fingering, and ejaculation. Profanity and graphic violence are also present. The work “c*ck,” for example, is included 34 times.

Publication information labels this book at a reading age of “18 years and up,” and a review by Entertainment Weekly states, “A Court of Silver Flames earns its adult label with a shimmering erotic romance …”

Samples of the text include the following:

“She weathered it, weathered him, and when he’d stopped shuddering, she smoothly, gracefully, slid her mouth off him. Nesta held his stare while she swallowed. Swallowed down every ounce of what he’d spilled into her mouth.”

“Her nails sliced through his skin, and the tang of his blood filled the air.”

“He thrust harder, so deep with this angle that she might have been screaming again, might have been sobbing. His other hand drifted between her legs, his c*ck pounding into her, her hair gripped like reins in one hand, her pleasure in his other. She was utterly at his mercy, and he knew it – he was snarling with desire, slamming home so hard his balls slapped against her.”

“I love being so covered in your seed that it leaks out of me for ages afterward. I love feeling it slide down my thighs and knowing you left your mark in me.”

“… because your pretty little c*nt is the only thing I think about.”

While some adults consider scenes such as these appropriate for adult reading, the question is, should this book be available to students? A Court of Silver Flames is available to students at Westlake High School.

Below are two readings of A Court of Silver Flames at the March 29, 2022 Eanes ISD Board meeting. A Court of Silver Flames is available at Westlake High School.